Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and thing to do in New Jersey

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Covering more than 70,000 acres, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area divides New Jersey and Pennsylvania and features a spectacular 40-mile protected stretch of the Delaware River. This large recreational area is accessible at a variety of places, with two visitor centres serving the New Jersey portion.

Princeton and the Battlefield State Park

The small town of Princeton owes its international prestige to its university and its related research institutes, including the Institute for Advanced Studies, where Albert Einstein carried out his final work. Established in 1756, the 1,600-acre school grounds are wonderful to explore, and one of the best ways to do so is by entering the student tour programme (last hour tours).

Water Sports

Cape May County Park & Zoo is a favourite destination for families due to its many things to do and free entry. The public park provides a number of recreational facilities, all of which are free and open to the public, including hiking and biking trails, a disco golf course, volleyball and tennis courts, and several more outdoor playgrounds. It’s also fitted with picnic tables and barbecues.

Morey's Piers

Located on the coast of Cape May, the theme parks and water parks at Morey's Piers occupy six blocks parallel to the sandy beach. Starting in 1968 with a lone water slide and a concession stand, the Morey brothers have developed the park over the last 50 years and have a reputation as the developers of one of the best parks in the world.